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How some ever - When checking for updates, the software discovers it cannot "display requested page" and provides three (3) options: 1) Go to FAQ - did and works just fine, but no update to SP3 3) Go to updated Newsgroups - did works just fine, but no update to SP3 2) SOLUTIONS - immediate error HTTP error 404 file not found I have just spent the better part of the last 12 hours reinstalling Windows (original copy) due to a failed hard drive (like from scratch).

It should be easy to upgrade with auto upgrade, but apparently it is not and I can't figure out why.

For the last few weeks (since the June "update Tuesday") I have had the same problem on 4 different machines in 2 separate locations and networks, all running XP Pro SP3.

Three machines are P4 desktops and one is a 5 years old dell laptop. I have windows update configured to update manually, and when I go into the windows update site I am prompted to install the latest updating software, When I click on install the processor goes into overdrive and the install does not complete.

Those looking for Windows XP updates in 2014 are out of luck if they are searching for a new download from Microsoft.