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With a BA in Sociology/Anthropology, she originally wanted to work as a Sociologist.

She then decided to shift her studies to the culture of dating.

But sometimes our brain becomes programmed to work AGAINST us and sabotage our efforts.

While I don’t have room to explain WHY this happens, let me say that when you erase the negative programming from your mind and start to unlock your hidden potential, your life will start to transform right before your eyes.

Izzy, a 23-year-old recent college grad who lives on the Upper West Side, says that, for her, the plus is not being subjected to sidewalk catcalls or the next morning’s “walk of shame” finding a taxi.

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    Angered by Cosby's assumption that his entire act was nothing but "filth flarn filth," Murphy calls Richard Pryor for advice.

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    No doubt many men fell short because of this scientific approach.

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    I couldn't believe my eyes so a huge kiss was on the cards!

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    Cuisine Restaurant will host a pop-up dinner on March 12 featuring TV personalities from Fox TV's "Hell's Kitchen." The "A Cold Day in Hell" dinner features Chef Paul Grosz, Barrett Beyer (Season 11), Jared Bobkin (Season 15), Christine Hazel (Season 14), Hassan Musselmani (Season 15) and Kim Ryan (winner of Season 16). There will be two seatings of the six-course meal: 5 p.m. Tickets start at with wine packages and cash bar available on site. Detroit-based Little Caesars will offer a new pizza starting Monday that combines mozzarella and Muenster cheeses, beef brisket, pulled pork, smoked bacon and barbecue sauce, finished with a smokehouse-seasoned crust.