Who is dr paul nassif dating

series, — have been buddies for many years, so of course his best bro has some hilarious story to tell about Paul’s new gal.Turns out Terry was there for the couple’s first date. “We were at Villa Blanca [Lisa Vanderpump’s Beverly Hills restaurant] having lunch with E!

Who is dr paul nassif dating

Well, Terry Dubrow's estimated net worth is reported at $30 million, while Paul Nassif's is reported at $14 million.

, where they completely transformed the women on the show, practically into supermodels.

“She was there with a client.” Turns out Paul sent the title insurance sales rep (who is also a mother of three kids) a drink and got up the nerve to ask her out — and the rest, as they say, is history.

You might be wondering if Chantell recognized Paul from his time on Bravo alongside his ex-wife, but the answer to that would be a definitive no. “She Googled me afterward and read all the stuff, but she can read through the lines and knows tabloid is tabloid.” Phew, bullet dodged.

She is also involved in setting customer service standards for all Maloof Companies, including brother George Jr.'s Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, and she has produced many of Maloof Productions' projects, including the 2005 horror film Feast.