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Apple is certainly not the inventor the podcast nor do they produce much content in the way of podcasting.

But what they do and do very well is a place where the normal joe can in one click pick podcast and be able to consume when you want how you want.

It really wasn’t until June 28, 2005, when Apple incorporated podcasting into their now hugely popular i Tunes platform that mainstream use could begin.

But many podcasters suffered from their own success after Apple delivered podcasting to the mainstream, the bandwidth needed to keep up with demand became an increasing problem for some podcasters.

Claims by many service providers that they had unlimited bandwidth were met with anger and frustration by the like of a humors podcast about friends and cocktails. They’re just really nice guys and if they go offline we’ll be real sad.” ~ Kevin Gamble, November 20, 2005 Plays “Johnny Johnny” Head Bartender at the Tikibar tv ~ The industry responded by the creation of podcasting networks, Adam Curry, now named the godfather of the podcast, started one in October 2004 called Podshow Inc.

The Geordie Shore starlet is not afraid to show off her killer body and during the summer could even be found stepping out in nothing but her swimsuit. We appreciate the hipster vibes and if you have a dance class or even a yoga class then we can see the use in a unitard.

But in stark white with nowhere to hide, we'd be nervous.

If relationships or people in your lives are meant to be, then they will come back around, but that shouldn't be what's holding you back,' she added.

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