When did sibylle szaggars and robert redford start dating

“Truth is about journalism’s difficulty with an administration, getting to the truth about something and the effort to stop it when the opposition makes it so difficult.

"That theme has been interesting to me for a lot of films, whether it’s depicts journalism at its lowest ebb, chronicling the fall-out from a high-profile media story going wrong.

'It’s bold, experimental and it was difficult to make. And I’m the only actor on screen in the whole movie.’ In April, hearing his synopsis, it hardly sounded an appealing prospect.

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Six months on, I’m now sitting opposite Redford in a suite at the ultra-luxurious Georges V hotel in Paris.

This time All Is Lost is the reason for our meeting.

We hear that the “All Is Lost” star will appear Tuesday at the National Young Arts Foundation as part of Sibylle’s piece “The Way of the Rain Miami.” She and Redford first met in Sundance, Utah, and married in 2009.

“She’s younger than I am, and European, which I like, so that’s a whole new life,” Redford has said of his bride.

Their bosses were more loyal to the administration that they were doing a story on.” Redford conveys an aura of relaxed earnestness yet, when it comes to the particulars of if you ask me – but its reception in the US was hampered by questions over its thesis, that CBS acted the way it did because top brass caved into pressure from the Republican administration being investigated by Rather and Mapes.