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HRH’s Difficult Start Up at the Important Industry doesn’t seem to lend itself to being buzzed. “I’m getting an i Pad,” HRH explained, “So I have to Tveeter, right? Tool, not toy, I told Velvet, our 13 year old who feels her life will be ruined until we let her upgrade her current i Phone3 to an i Phone 4. You could follow one role model (young, hip, liberal) or the other (old school, conservative, safe.) Putin, it occurred to me, never writes anything down, and certainly didn’t toggle or scroll any device when he spoke publically. It’s responsible for one in four break up of marriages in Russia.” “Yes,” I said, “but there’s an app for that.” --------------------------------------------------------------- This piece first appeared in The Washington Post on June 29, 2011.

I yearn for an i Pad, and I resist purchasing one with ever fiber of my being. For the last six months or so, President Medvedev has been pictured at Cabinet Minister pow wows tenderly caressing his tablet and gently scrolling through his power point presentations on his i Pad, while all the Soviet era Ministers scribble in their cheesy leatherette A5 notebooks with things like Gazprom embossed on them. “So you don’t need to Tweet,” I finished with a flourish, “but if you got me an i Pad as well, we could Face Time while you are at work.” “I told you,” HRH said angrily, “I’m not going on that site again.

Inevitably there are passport-hunters, but a lot of Russian women just like foreign men more, if only because they have more money and drink less.

Russians are often pretty direct people too, and appreciate expressions of emotion.

There is no feminist culture to speak of in Russia, and girls try hard to dress (or rather, undress at times) to impress men – or at least it seems this way.