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A verbal confrontation escalated to a shootout resulting in Brannan murdering the Deputy.Dinkheller's murder continues to get national attention (e.g., training in police academies) because the stop and shootout were captured on a personal video recorder Deputy Dinkheller had placed on his patrol car dashboard and activated when he stopped Brannan.

Johnson's brief visit into the Vietnam battle zone. 10) Scenes of the five men to be decorated and Pres Johnson pinning the DSC on USA Lt Martin Hammer and Silver Star on Capt Nolan. 12) MCU of Pres Johnson listening and delivering address to troops.

Westmoreland, Commander MACV, and pinning medals on five servicemen: Captain Nolan, a Marine gunnery sergeant, two Army officers and a company sergeant. 1) Scenes of troops and color guard forming on ramp. 7) VIP's on platform during playing of National Anthem include: USA General Westmoreland President Johnson, Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Premier Nguyen Cao Ky and South Vietnam Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Thieu. You can contribute to the digitization and transcription of materials on Open Vault.

More than 3 million people, including 58,000 Americans, were killed in the conflict.

) is a deep-water bay in Vietnam in the province of Khánh Hòa Province.

Police arrested Brannan for the murder of Deputy Kyle Dinkheller.