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The earliest Ful-Vue version of 1939 was a typical box camera with back door, but already having the characteristic big viewfinder.

Like other box cameras it had a back door and an inner camera part which could be taken out of the box to load the film.

In 1946 the camera was redesigned, getting away from average box camera design.

Then the inner part of the camera was fixed to the side panel with the film winding knob. Focusing was possible by pulling the lens out for close exposures. In 1950 further improvements were made, the new flash synchronized shutter, the turnable lens barrel allowing three different distance settings instead of two, an all-plastic front panel, and an optional flashgun. This was succeeded in 1954 by the Ross-Ensign Ful-vue Super, which had a flat front plate extending around both lenses, a cast alloy body (in place of the sheet steel) and a collapsible hood around the viewfinder. The film loading was eased another time by means of the removable back-and-bottom part which was held just by the clamp on the bottom.

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