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But the idea of a video version of Hot or Not failed to catch on after a couple of months. What inspired You Tube as we know it You Tube's founders say two key experiences inspired them to turn what had been a dating site into the video sharing site we all know. The domain name You was activated on Valentine's Day in 2005 and the site was developed months after.Karim had had trouble finding footage online of Janet Jackson's Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction and, later, of the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. But the domain name didn't sit well with an Ohio-based industrial equipment supplier called Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment, with the domain "" was flooded with traffic from people trying to spell the video site, and its owners sued You Tube saying its business was hurt.To commemorate You Tube's ninth anniversary, we've put together nine fun facts about the video sharing site we all know and love.1.

Like My Space, Live Journal, and Facebook before it, You Tube promised to bring people together by providing a platform for user-generated content with a user-friendly interface.

You Tube’s founders originally envisioned the site to be a video dating service or a place for friends to upload footage of each other goofing off.

In 2005, something magical happened, something that would forever change how people around the world interacted and shared video content.

That something was the launch of the video-sharing website You Tube.

The more people that view your video the more popular it becomes and therefore the higher up the You Tube rankings it will go!