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And many times, it’s the fact that your router knows better than to let them in that prevents them from taking over each and every device connected to your home network.

For the most part, every router does a fantastic job at protecting you from all the evildoers on the internet.

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This article was written based on firmware version 2.0.0 The Cradlepoint products that this article refers to are in the End of Life process, there will be no further firmware updates for any of these products.

All Knowledgebase articles related to these products have received their final update.

I have also seen instances where the downloaded file was compressed and needed to be uncompressed, a fact not explained by the vendor.

I have also seen the download include multiple files, only one of which was supposed to be uploaded to the router. A far better approach is where the router completely handles the update.

The worst approach requires you to download a file to your computer, and then upload it to the router.