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They suggest you’ll have better luck finding a partner in a bar, online, or on a date arranged by your chiropractor if you focus on ideas like mutual attraction and respect and common interests and common goals. Bennett’s practice, and unscientific flow charts, F*ck Love is packed with enough advice and wisdom to help you avoid the relationship nightmares that led you to this book in the first place.

01/02/2017This entertaining work by a psychiatrist and a comedy writer, the father-daughter duo who authored the bestseller F*ck Feelings, encourages readers to siphon off the “bullshit” of dating.

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Now a day of reckoning is coming, as each of them confronts a shattering crisis that will change them in ways they couldn't have predicted. With spirit and passion, Cathy Kelly gives us a lively, bighearted novel about friends, sisters, families, love, and all the challenges, joys, and what-ifs of life. The characters are almost insultingly stereotypical. I was bored to tears reading about Hope having no backbone when it I almost didn't make it through this book. That's a lot of pages to be hating on the main character.