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) is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

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The Wyles have two children, seven-year-old Owen and four-year-old Auden.

They announced their breakup last week, but reportedly separated in October. ) Late last year, around the time he and Tracy separated, Noah began seeing another actress, which devastated Mistress #1.

At the time Frederick had not heard of Jaglom, but following the colleague's suggestion that "supposedly, if you write him a letter and tell him that you love his films, he'll cast you in a movie," Frederick wrote to Jaglom.

In a three-page letter she extolled the virtues of Jaglom's film Déjà Vu—even though she had not actually seen it at the time.

Jaglom, best described as a sort-of Woody Allen of the West, often writes about women and the life of actors.