Symantec not updating workstations

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Event Tracker Knowledge Pack for Symantec Endpoint Protection allows you to monitor the following components:- The configurations detailed in this guide are consistent with Event Tracker Enterprise version 7.

Hi there, I just installed the new Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, and i don't see the menu to access at the remote push and msi packager. Similar to Wanna Cry, Petya uses the Eternal Blue exploit to propagate itself.

/bin/shcd /private/tmp/SEP12.1.2/usr/sbin/installer -pkg "Symantec Endpoint Protection.pkg" -target /if [ $?

-eq 0 ]; then exit 0else exit 1fi I've been working on making one package that can remove the old SAV and install SEP all without a reboot.

What I did was packaged up the pkg and additional files, and used a post install script to manually run installer for the package.