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Guest Cast: Victoria Justice as Ramona Miller, Christopher Heyerdahl as Arvid, Tate Birchmore as Young Cooper, Frank Maharajh as Doctor, John Grady as Cooper’s Grandpa, Maurice Webster as Bus Driver, David Gray as Mountain Man, Rob Mathes as Police Office; Max Adler as Tommy Hench.From the Kennedys to the Kochs to the Waltons, the list is made up of 185 families, some famed for their historic and dynastic wealth, while others are simply American success stories and have only relatively recently become fabulously rich.

They are now worth at least double that 1: The Waltons: The richest family not only in America but the world, the Waltons still own more than 50 percent of Wal-Mart Stores, the firm their father, Sam Walton, founded in Bentonville, Arkansas in 1962.

Highlight Films presents: "Revealed: Hitler in Argentina", a new documentary film in production following the theory of Hitler's escape to Argentina.

"Revealed" will present the disturbing possibility that one of the world's most evil men was allowed to live out his final years in utter tranquility.

Research: Pablo Weschler Producer: Noam Shalev Duration: 60 min Watch the trailer....

Today the company he started includes Cox Communications and Auto Trader Group.