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The aim of the Oxford Dictionary of New Words is to provide an informativeand readable guide to about two thousand high-profile words and phraseswhich have been in the news during the past decade; rather than simplydefining these words (as dictionaries of new words have tended to do inthe past), it also explains their derivation and the events which broughtthem to prominence, illustrated by examples of their use in journalism andfiction. In just one year the list of people at risk from AIDShas lengthened from male homosexuals, drug-abusers and Haitians, to include the entire population [of the USA]. His comedies of manners are very funny, and the vainairheads who populate his novels are wonderfully drawn.39. History and Usage: The word airside has been in use in thetechnical vocabulary of civil aviation since at least thefifties, but only really came to public notice during the lateeighties, especially after the bombing, over Lockerbie in Scotland, of a Pan-Am passenger jet after it left Londons Heathrow airport in December 1988. History and Usage: Alar has been manufactured under this brandname since the mid sixties and is used by commercial growers toregulate the growth of fruit (especially apples), so larger,unblemished fruit which remains on the tree longer can beproduced.

In order to do this, it draws on the published and unpublishedresources of the Oxford English Dictionary, the research that is routinelycarried out in preparing new entries for that work, and the word-files anddatabases of the Oxford Dictionary Department. This, of course, is a question which can never beanswered satisfactorily, any more than one can answer the question "Howlong is a piece of string? As a result of this and otherterrorist attacks on air travel, a great deal of concern wasexpressed about the ease with which a person could gain accessto airside and plant a device, and several attempts were made byinvestigative reporters to breach security in this way. The word airside isused with or without an article, and can also be usedattributively in airside pass etc. Far too many unvetted people have access toaircraft... The chemical does not remain on the surface of thefruit, but penetrates the flesh, so that it cannot be washed offor removed by peeling.

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