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Shoujo Ai This game contains romance between girls.Please note that this does not necessarily mean that there are any sexual scenes, for that use the Yuri tag. You go to an amusement park with Tatsumi, Watari and Hisoka.

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An all-women’s ship that has everyone frolicking around trying to conquer the seas, while throwing themselves at one another with breasts flying from one side of the ship to the next.

It’s simply an all out ecchi fest that takes place within these battleships and you’re part of it all as you learn more about Japanese history, laugh a lot at the random personalities, and get to know more about these rambunctious well rounded characters.

She is accepted by Saotome Gakuen, an elite entertainment industry school developed for the sole purpose of nurturing future idols.

The classes are taught by famous idols; facilities include top notch recording studios and live theaters.

Now we’ll be taking a much more softer approach by talking about shoujo ai manga today.