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You Tube's 'native' in-app messenger will make it easier for users to share videos, but it'll also keep them inside the You Tube app and The in-app chat platform is just a test for now, but you might get access to it if one of your friends passes it on to you.

If it proves successful, You Tube will likely roll it out to everyone.

Its like ICQ and Chatroulette hooked up and had an IM baby.

What’s noteworthy about Chatible and other similar apps is the way it signals our shifting, yet still static notions of what it means to be “connected.” When instant messaging took off for the more mainstream computer user in the 1990s, the very wonderment of dialing up to ICQ or AIM was just that you could find your friend across town online, but more excitingly, you could get chatty with a mind-boggling array of total strangers around the world in rooms, private or public.

That said, these bots provide an experience that, compared with M, can best be described as "less": less seamless, less accurate, less capable, etc.

For the curious and the patient, here are five bots you can try now. Contact the CNN bot and ask what's going on in the world. (Actually, it appears all the bots on Messenger require patience.) The bot appears to have trouble understanding complete sentences and answering questions.

Chat VR is the name of the new software Snapchat is working on, according to 9to5Google , and the screenshots look like they came from an Android that could be doing the testing.