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Martha De Long was alarmed when a supervisor from her sister's assisted-living facility phoned to tell her a shirtless man had been found in her sister's living unit, cowering behind the bathroom door.The man yelled at the 18-year-old caregiver to go away; instead of challenging the stranger, she left. De Long's 59-year-old sister, Ruth De Long Black, had early onset dementia and couldn't say who the man was or whether he'd harmed her. Stayton police arrived but -- saying they had no evidence of a crime -- closed the case in less than 48 hours.The supervisor wanted to know: Does your sister have gentleman callers? Black's family continued to investigate and, in the days and months after that May 20, 2009, call, they became convinced that Black had been raped. On top of that, caregivers, police and medical providers sometimes lack the training, experience and resources necessary to properly investigate sexual assaults of the elderly and disabled.

Take note that I am not against Freemasonry because my father is actually a very active member of a Masonic Lodge, the Scottish Rite and the Shriners.

My mother and older sister, on the other hand, are members of the Order of Eastern Star.

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