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9, 10 or 11: The construction of this Pete Brock-designed concept was supposedly initiated at the request of GM vice president Bill Mitchell and carried out in secret.

Though topless, it's easy to see how the car -- known internally as the XP-87 -- previewed the second-generation C2 Sting Ray.

"Wild" Bill Wichrowski has the cure for insomnia in the open waters ... It's unclear why our photog and the "Deadliest Catch" captain were obsessed with talking about masturbation ...

but they had quite the revealing chat about "relieving yourself" on a boat.

The revised Resolution recommended that Parties promote the use of the IATA LAR and IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations (PCR- for the transport of Plants) by Management Authorities, and that these IATA Regulations be used as a reference to indicate suitable conditions for transport by means other than air where appropriate.