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However, because Reddit uses secure browsing technology that encrypts communications, many ISPs will reportedly block the whole website.Reddit is one of the world's most popular internet communities, with more than 30 million users.

The European Commission cleared the last hurdle on Monday (6 March) for Hungary’s Paks II nuclear plant project, despite outstanding concerns about the role of the national regulator and uncertainties over how spent fuel will be managed.

The Commission said that Hungary’s investment, backed by a €10 billion loan from Russia, did represent a form of state aid, and imposed a number of conditions before giving the green light.

The site itself was flooded with comments from Russian users, many of whom are likely to use virtual networks, which mask their location, to remain on Reddit.

On Wednesday night, the author of the post claimed responsibility for the block, in Reddit's "Today I F****d Up" [TIFU] section.

After assessing the project, Brussels concluded that Budapest would get a lower return than a private investor would have got, invalidating Hungary’s argument that the project was economically viable.“During our investigation, the Hungarian government has made substantial commitments, which has allowed the Commission to approve the investment under EU state aid rules,” said Margrethe Vestager, the EU Competition Commissioner, in a statement published on Monday.