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Peel me.” Despite giving him the win, Bradshaw never ended up going on the date with Alcala, turning him down after filming because she thought he was “creepy.” Years later, Bradshaw found out how right she was… The man she chose was actually a murderer in the midst of an almost decade long spree, and she played a part in the creation of his serial killer moniker: “The Dating Game Killer.” Despite being his morbid calling card, winning THE DATING GAME wasn’t the first and only time Rodney Alcala got lucky; his history of slipping through the cracks of the legal system kept him cruising the streets for years before police put him away for good.

Born in Texas in 1943, Rodney Alcala relocated to Los Angeles at the age of 12.

Shapiro was found in Alcala’s apartment after someone who saw him pick up the child in his car had called authorities.

Rodney alcala dating game killer

Investigators believe the 73-year-old is responsible for scores of other deaths.

They made some photos public in the hope that they would produce leads.

Nearly four decades after a pregnant woman’s body was found on a Wyoming ranch, prosecutors have connected her death to one of California’s most prolific serial killers, Rodney Alcala.

On Tuesday, prosecutors in Sweetwater County, Wyo., charged Alcala with the 1977 killing of Christine Ruth Thornton after discovering a photo that Alcala had snapped of her before her death.

The photo was spotted by Thornton’s relatives in 2013.

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