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Before you know it, you will be wining and dining each other. Connect over your love of food with Suppr, a Tinder for foodies that logs you in through Facebook, and select restaurants you want to eat at via a list or map in New York.

Friday, WMAQ-Channel 5) likely will bring back memories — both good and bad — for anyone who ever went on a blind date.

The first episode includes a few awkward moments, like when Kenny learned Christina had been in the U. Navy and said, “You’re so pretty, for somebody in the military.” His irritated date zinged back with, “What? ”Then there’s the apparent “player,” Mike, who stunned his date, Alyssa (a serial dater and Tinder aficionado), when she learned he’s a virgin at age 23.

They probably think they know a great deal about you, too.

Add in that you write the schedules, assign stations, issue reprimands and write-ups: In other words, you control the situation. At some point in your career, you may find it very tempting to have a drink, then date, or (in corporate language) fraternize with your employees. (There are no secrets in the restaurant business.) Eventually, someone will confront you.

Meanwhile, at least one establishment in the UK wants to make life easier for their Tinder-using patrons: A London-area bar called the Brickyard has a sign posted in the restroom offering help for diners who find themselves in the midst of a bad blind date.