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The basic structure of an address is so familiar, people don’t need the guidance labels provide.

This is an important point to consider when laying out the input fields that make up an address.

In the case of purchasing a home under construction, a New Communities K-12 Enrollment Address Verification form may be obtained at the sales office and will be accepted as temporary residency verification.

The application also easily integrates with most on-boarding or pre-boarding solutions as well as People Soft benefits for automating life event transactions.

It is estimated that the average cost to print a federal, state or local tax form, have the candidate or employee complete it, forward to payroll for validation and data entry into People Soft while also retaining all paper versions for audit purposes can cost in excess of $39 for EACH new state/local form update*.

Through years of experience with mailing and postal systems, people have a pretty concrete idea of what constitutes an address block.

This common understanding is so definitive that eyetracking data suggests, once people begin filling in a set of input fields that make up an address, they often cease looking at their labels.

Cases are due 30 days prior to the course start date.