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What is behind this great wave of interracial breeding? Often they seek to mock society's norms or are in rebellion against their parents. The hair was kinky with all the typical Negro facial features. He then quietly went to work to trace his wife's ancestors.

Is it good for America, the White race or your children? 9) The Racial Throwback: This is when one parent in a mixed marriage suddenly learns that he or she has distant black ancestors. Shufeldt wrote: "A young American artisan of excellent racial background met a pretty girl in Virginia and in due course married her. After much trouble and expense, he finally ascertained that her great-grandmother was a Negro.

- Interracial dating cuts-down the White population.

If every White person on earth took their brains out of their heads, and started dating blacks and other minorities, the White Race would perish.

Possibly, now isolated in smaller groups, certain genes began to dominate in each of the groups, leading to racial distinctions.