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" With five months in jail and eight months of parole behind him, and four years of probation to go, Trevor finds himself contemplating the artificial intelligence of a Furby, and its threat to his future.

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So, Natasha Petrova, what exactly did you – a svelte, 22-year-old Russian woman with the hair and face of a goddess – see in this paunchy Western diplomat with a wandering eye and security clearance?

It's a rhetorical question about fiendish eastern European honeytraps that rather springs to mind after news of the out-of-office hours activities of James Hudson, very recently late of Her Majesty's Diplomatic Service, came to light.

The episode was widely interpreted as a possible "honeytrap", but our experiences east of Helsinki make us sceptical.

So numerous are brothels in Russia these days, it is most unlikely that Vladimir Putin's little friends in intelligence are wiring them all up. Far more feasible is that the brothel routinely had cameras running for security and blackmail purposes, and they saw a chance to embarrass one of our men in Ekaterinburg. The bait had either been trained in all her various arts by men and women who had made a great study of these things – not least the kind of running-to-seed dupe who would fall for the fluttering lashes of some doe-eyed Slavic beauty.

They invade your peripheral vision; they pop up behind your window.