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Originally known as Microphone Mike in the 1980s, Myka 9 was a member of the MC Aces with Aceyalone and Spoon Iodine. Myka 9 has collaborated with The Wailers Band, Prefuse 73, Daddy Kev, Busdriver, Blue Sky Black Death, K-the-I??? He has worked extensively with producer and trumpeter Josef Leimberg, who produced the majority of It's All Love: American Nightmare and A Work in Progress.

In 2008, Myka 9 formed Magic Heart Genies with J the Sarge and DJ Drez.

Their videos for "Inner City Boundaries" and "Hot Potato" brought them to the attention of a wider audience.

Released in 1993, Freestyle Fellowship's second album Innercity Griots is one of the landmarks of Los Angeles hip hop.

The album was released in 2001 by The Telephone Company and then re-released in 2002 by The Telephone Company/Syntax Records with 3 new tracks and new artwork.

No cussing involved and a reverance for the Lord above, John is lyrically on his grind with this album.

Discussing the influence of Myka 9's song "7th Seal" on Freestyle Fellowship's first album To Whom It May Concern...

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