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A dead give-away is a calculator app that uses as much data as speaking on the phone, she said.

JUST when you thought you'd seen it all during Katy Perry's bizarre Big Brother-style four-day You Tube live stream, it's gotten a lot weirder.

The singer, who is promoting the release of her new album Witness, has been hosting a string of celebrity guests in her televised "home" as part of a bizarre Big Brother-style four-day You Tube live stream.

But type in a secret code, and folders of secret chats their child has had and pictures they have launched into the internet world are revealed.

A parent wanting to see if their child has any hidden apps allowing clandestine liaisons, should see how much data each app uses, said Special Agent Lindsay Conrad.

Predators hunt children to get nude pictures, to meet them to abuse them or to have sex with them.