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Here are ten Paris restaurants we believe score high on the romance scales, including everything from the antique-look with worn red banquettes to a few with views over sparking Parisian monuments.No wonder Paris never stops pulling in lovers from around the world. Lapérouse: This enchanting restaurant, located in a 17th century townhouse is decorated with antique red booths, perfect for cozying up to your lover.

It means to have “an ineffable quality,” and sure, it’s an overused expression, but it’s the only one that perfectly describes that thing that sets French girls apart from other women around the world.

The slightly mussed-up hair and no-makeup, the give-no-f***s attitude toward basically everything—there’s a reason that, in the world of style, the French girl is considered the epitome of cool.

Welcome back to Paris in 30 Days’ conversation series.

In today’s entry, French GQ sex columnist Maïa Mazaurette teaches New York sex columnist Maureen O’Connor about the French way of sex.

I can only compare it to the countries I’ve lived in — Germany, and now Denmark, and I’ve made some trips to the U. I’d say the main difference is that in France we’re so straightforward.