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Garcia tells Kevin that she loves him, and he replies back, "I love you, too." Kevin later asks Morgan for advice on how to propose to Garcia.“Hopefully they don’t see her a threat, but see this new lady as adding another dimension to Morgan.” Besides, Moore must note with a laugh, “If Garcia is allowed to have Kevin and other boyfriends, Morgan’s allowed to play kissy-face once or twice.” RELATED | Brings Back Paget Brewster for 200th Episode Moore says that while Savannah marks a “new relationship, it didn’t start yesterday,” alluded to as it was in this season’s opener.

And there is a silliness and a giddiness and a rapport.” (Of Aytes’ casting, Moore says he had “a little input” in her landing the gig.“This is something that’s been ongoing,” he adds, so when we look in on their private time, “There’s an intimacy, and not just in terms of foreplay and kissing.

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I've got a headache that won't go away, my kid is acting retarded, I am traveling for work for the next week, and I don't really have any food in the house that I want to eat.

In that study which involved 19,065 people during a 15-year period, rates of infidelity among men were found to have risen from 20 to 28%, and rates for women, 5% to 15%.

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As a result, “You see this humbled side of Morgan, where he has to realize, ‘I’ve met my match.