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Note: Once you have switched to the desktop app, you will then use it to join subsequent sessions directly rather than first joining via the Web App.

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Why am I having trouble participating in LIVE Q & A? Sometimes our LIVE Q & A Chatroll account reaches the max capacity of participants and you may not be able to join.

We ask that you please be patient, as you may be able to join as others leave.

Join the American Eagle Foundation & USDA in watching these eagle parents raise their two eaglets, Honor (DC4) & Glory (DC5), which hatched on March 29 & March 30 2017.

On April 20, 2017, Honor (DC4) was rescued from the nest after getting its leg precariously stuck in the nest. Our Moderators (Mods) will screen each incoming question and comment and release the most frequently asked and pertinent ones into the Live Q & A Chatroll box.

When the Web App has been enabled, Go To Meeting will automatically detect the optimal join method for each attendee. Note: Features will vary depending on your web browser. This will allow you to join or host a session using the HTML5-based Web App.