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I take a deep breath and decide to play along, our exchange goes like this… Tactics A and B were both being used on me, but I wasn’t falling for either one.Comment: I met a guy online, we were supposed to have our first date last night.This guy has a conscience and something, somewhere internally tells him that he shouldn’t do this to you. Obviously he’ll make up some reason like work or a dead aunty. Now this could be the truth or it could be a lie, but unless you have concrete proof that this hasn’t happened, I suggest you just go along with it and believe it.

Daniel had made solid plans with me for Saturday; ice-cream and a movie… They will get you to agree to a nice sensible date and then change the plan at the last-minute and suggest something quick and casual.

This last-minute change is often due to a change in their family or work schedule.

And others have shown up on dates that have been planned and confirmed…

and the date just isn’t there.” Let’s talk for a minute about how most of us like to be treated: If you’re the one who needs to cancel or otherwise change plans, here are some simple solutions to make sure you’re treating the other person with the respect with which you’d want to be treated: The day before the date – a nice text or email “Hey!

I was thinking I should just not reply and let him ask me again to see if he is really interested or was just blowing me off. You should text back, and if he is willing to set up another date, and you like him, set up another date.