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Users can register We Chat with Facebook account or sign up with phone number.We Chat currently supports phone numbers of more than 100 countries to register.

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Were the photo to be leaked, only then would the law be broken.“The online lending industry is like a food chain with some huge financial groups on the top, followed by the platforms, then the middlemen,” Fu said.

So I've been lurking around here for a while, but somehow this topic was never really fully covered, so I came here to fix that and share my experience.

According to the Chinese Criminal Law, a person who 'produces, duplicates, publishes, sells or disseminates pornographic materials' shall be sentences to fixed-term imprisonment of no more than three years.

After Sixth Tone made enquiries acting as a potential student customer, the middleman agreed to lend 3,000 yuan in exchange for a nude photo and details of the applicant’s relatives and classmates.

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