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And now the whole world knows how corny IThe joke, which was the subject of a rigorous back-and-forth between John and the opposing counsel, went something like this: Someone referred to the Hulk Hogan sex tape as “tender.” I wondered aloud if it also contained a leg drop (a famous pro-wrestling move) — a “tender leg I can’t be much more specific than that, because I have no memory of making this joke.

“Jokes I made to co-workers in 2012” is not a category I store prominently in my memory palace, though I love those co-workers and assure you that most of my jokes were much better.

They will only tell you sunshine and happiness."Ms Mc Lean said parents should maintain an "open conversation" with their children about what games they were playing and downloading.

Ms Mc Lean added that parents should be researching games online and checking in with parenting information on the website of Australia's Children's e Safety Commissioner.

Roblox was founded more than a decade ago but in recent years has ramped up its global presence and accessibility on various devices, with its developers today claiming 44 million active players.

Its website states there are existing chat filters, with those logged in as being under the age of 12 placed under a "restricted chat" function to protect their wellbeing and safety.

But Ms Mc Lean said concerns about Roblox highlighted a broader issue."Any app or platform or game that allows two-way interaction between your child and another player is going to have predators on it," she said."And then the risk ramps up when you can have chat.