My computer not updating time noah wyle dating

Just as the title states where can I find in the registry the keys to edit to change how often and what server(s) the automatic time update updates my computers clock? I thought i remembered where it was but when i searched the registry for it I did not find it. I realize that bunny; but; there must be a way to change what server(s) the clock syncs to and how often; isnt there?

I know there was a way to do that in previous versions of windows like 7 and so forth; but where in the registry can you find it in this one?

This might help: Sync the clock on Windows 7 to the time server more frequently - Super User To change the server, go to Control Panel, then click on Date And Time, then click on Internet Time, from there you can change the server it syncs with.

This doesn't change how often though, but you can tell it to sync immediately.

It seems like command 1 worked, but the rest didn't.