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You're invited to celebrate our 18th anniversary in Toronto with us.

The show runs from November 24th - 26th, 2017, at The International Centre.

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O.) I really do - I love cities - I love big cities with all the crowds and all the action. Imagine this town in the twenties - Paris in the twenties - in the rain - the artists and writers - I was born too late.

Every once in a while for a few days is nothing - my biggest regret is that I didn't settle here the first time I came. GIL If I'd have stayed the first time I came by now I'd be a Parisian. Can you picture how drop dead gorgeous this city is in the rain?

O.) Well that's just the awful era we live in but can you just imagine what this was like before - but even with all the fast food joints and the traffic - god, you just can't imagine what it was like years ago. The comments offered above and following are an approximation of what the actors feel.) CUT TO: EXT. O.) Look at these places - the streets - the boulevards.

(Having seen a panoramic view of let us say the Champs Elysee we embark on a montage of the city. Why did God deliver me into the world in the 1970's and in Pasadena yet.

So how the hell did I end up suddenly needing therapy at a.m., when none of the "therapist online: chat now! Go back to your IM logs and you'll see that after midnight is when conversations with online lovers take on greater meaning and depth than outsiders can imagine.