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This choice of designer skincare products was beginning to cost them around half of their monthly beauty spend of £39 because, in many cases, their boyfriend was using just as much of the skincare products as they were.

Rakesh Aggarwal CEO of said, who carried out the research, said: 'Twenty years ago most men wouldn’t have dreamed of using a moisturiser but nowadays it is much more common-place thanks to role models like David Beckham.'What is especially cheeky is that the men generally turned their nose up at cheaper high-street moisturisers and only want to use their girlfriend’s more expensive premium brands like Clarins and Avene.'Nearly 40 per cent said their boyfriend couldn’t be bothered to look around the shops to get their own skincare products, and a further 21 per cent said that he would be too embarrassed to buy moisturiser in a high-street shop and would hate his male friends to know that he buys beauty products.

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If you’re dating a metrosexual male – don’t be surprised if he spends more time in the bathroom (and the beauty salon) than you do!

He’s the guy with the perfectly arched eyebrows who will fight you for your hair straighteners and find it impossible to walk past a mirror without preening himself.

Joining the ranks: Superdrug is launching Taxi Man the first high street male cosmetics range Yesterday, the company's director of trading Jeff Wemyss insisted that its cosmetics - branded Taxi Man - are not just for transvestites.

He said: "These days you can be macho and wear make-up.

He’s an open-minded straight guy who’s in touch with his feminine side and isn’t afraid to show it.