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I have help support a network that because of the company rules, cannot touch the internet for Mcafee or any other updates. I read that a local repository could be established on a LAN and the other PC's could update from there. What u need to do is set up a Mirror Task in Virus Scan.So this would save me a lot of time if I only had to update the local repository. The machine on which you create the mirror task will need access to the internet.

The validated patches and anti-virus files can be distributed daily to our customer sites in a secure, automated and controlled way with the Security Update Service using a secure source server (upstream server) located at ABB.

This service is exclusively offered for selected ABB control systems covered with a valid Automation Sentinel agreement and is available for the System 800x A, Symphony Plus and Freelance control system product families at selected software versions.

e Policy Orchestrator software is designed to be extremely flexible.

It can be set up in many different ways, to meet your unique needs.

Using e Policy Orchestrator software, you can perform these network security tasks: LDAP server — Used for Policy Assignment Rules and to enable automatic user account creation. Add the SNMP server’s information so that e Policy Orchestrator knows where to send the trap.