Mandating athletic trainers in high schools

Regardless of the information the ECG provides, any medical decisions regarding the student athlete remain at the parent’s discretion.” The legislation was inspired in part by Scott Stephens, who lost his son Cody to sudden cardiac arrest in May 2012.

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And it's not really what we're doing."In all but two states, California and Alaska, athletic trainers are licensed as health care professionals.

Their actual jobs are injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in sports -- all prime topics this week at the annual meeting of the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA).

If a parent or guardian submits a written request to waive the requirement, however, a student-athlete would not be required to undergo the EKG.

According to a 2011 study published in the journal Circulation, sudden cardiac arrest was the leading cause of death during exercise in NCAA student-athletes, and similar data has held true for younger athletes, too. Sylvester Turner, one of the bill’s joint authors, believes mandating EKGs could help prevent some instances of sudden cardiac arrest by uncovering undiagnosed conditions.

Jim Thornton, president of National Athletic Trainers’ Association, in the exhibition hall at the group’s annual meeting in Las Vegas on Monday. LAS VEGAS -- Chatting with a co-passenger on her flight here, Diana Miller mentioned she was a high school athletic trainer.