albuquerque dating scene - Junhyung and hara are dating

it was in this past month (month of august), that hara was seen hanging out with male model, lee soohyuk, and instantly people went on the defense and called hara a slut.

the comments that hara received because she was hanging out with another male, were extremely harsh, criticizing her and saying that she was a loose woman and that she was basically moving on too fast (which is really none of people’s business) and then calling her a slut and saying she had too many dating, you’re wondering what dating scandals hara has had.

beast junhyung dating goo hara Its revealed that the couple has been dating found.

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A brand new reality show coming from channel A called Love Broadcast, the variety show talked about Korean Idols love life stories.

well, before she debuted in kara, she was in a relationship with a male, and they went on a vacation to a hotel together.

this of course implies that they had sex, and no one wants to hear that a female had sex, so despite it being predebut, she’s still getting hate for that.

Hara is a beautiful girl, and I'm glad he's dating such a lovely person.