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The legendary fight ended with Spinks physically and mentally defeated, slumped on the floor, terrified.

Yesterday, posted a fascinating, passionately-written tidbit about Tyson’s entrance music.

History blessed this night with an audacious moment that should have granted it pop culture immortality, but sports got in the way: It took Tyson just eight punches over ninety-one seconds to obliterate a tentative and terrified and previously undefeated Spinks in one of the fastest heavyweight title fight KOs ever.

But the real story occurred minutes before the round-one bell: Tyson’s ring entrance, the slow spectacle squeezed into every big boxing event, was a masterpiece.

‘ And people might think it’s crazy for me to say that, because you can crowdfund, you can – there’s a lot of things you can do.” Speaking at the same event, will.questioned whether VEVO and You Tube were unfairly forcing artists to accept certain branding associations, while carefully removing the artist from the profit stream.