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The independent variable of racial identity salience was also examined.

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But he seemed adamant to provide an explanation: he told me his parents wouldn’t be cool with me being Black.

Dear reader, I had been (and, yes, continue to be) Black throughout the entire time he knew me. Granted, I might have eaten fries with mayonnaise in front of him. I’ll never forget the embarrassment that ensued over being broken up with for such a dumb reason or the sadness that I felt. Zora Neale Hurston said it best: “Fast forward to 2014, when I realized that the guy I was seeing at the time was something special and that we might be exploring a future together.

It said the school’s Office of Multicultural Student Affairs held a meeting for concerned students after the incident and plans to meet again.

SMU’s campus newspaper reported that some SMU students responded to the incident by posting their own “We’re Better Together! “I think it is important to show that we do not accept this,” one student explained.

A few years ago in an unnamed Texas town (Dallas), I casually dated a guy of the 2520 variety who seemed great.