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"You'll either get bored or have to deal with the reasons she's so concerned about her appearance: self-centeredness and insecurity," he adds.

She's Too Needy When you're still riding out the honeymoon phase of your relationship, you probably spend most of your time together.

She swimmeth in her joy; she floateth on the tide of happiness.

Everybody knows the pressure of a first date: Searching for that perfect outfit. Dissecting each detail when it's over to check for mistakes.

Or he may restrain himself because he respects her right to make her own moral decisions.

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    Now, it asks users their own gender, offering two choices, male or female.

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    You fu**ed Carolla (when you were married), isn’t that right, Carolla?

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    Without access to the majority of social media platforms used elsewhere in the world, the Chinese have created their own networks, just like facebook, Myspace, Youtube and foursquare – but with more users – which is why every global company needs to pay attention to these sites. Known as the “Twitter of China”, Sina Weibo is actually much more than just that – it has over twice as many users as Twitter, and it’s used by more than 22% of the Chinese Internet population of almost 540 million people!

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