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The woman was "in severe pain" when she approached police for help and was treated at a New York hospital. How many women have met men via the Newspaper LOVE FOR NEED columns all over the USA and met up with a MID-NIGHT CHANGER. Did they outlaw these newspapers or curtail the volumes of ads appearing over and over throughout the years since this first begain back in the 60's with papers such as the Berkeley BARB and SF Bay Guardian and New York Village Voice and more. for some reason these ads just increase and women continue to advertise for a LOVE MATCH and no one is trying to put the newspapers out of business with LOVE COLUMNS as an obscenity to be kept from the viewers because of a possibility that a woman OR MAN may be "date***d". They have a financial stake in keeping these columns alive.

Krath is to be arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday. The amount of money involved is staggering when you think of all support sales made in conjunction with LOVE FOR SALE. It's basicly a "15 dollar" sign-up fee and you type the night away while in your "alone" room hooking up on the LOVE THREAD. Therefore because it's low-priority MONEY, why not? No problem going after the Ne T as the criminal for DATE*** sources.

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