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Fortunately, I can usually get rid of them, but it's annoying and demeaning...

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Double your dating deep inner game

Please note that in this seminar “Deep Inner Game” the contents will help you build that inner game to hold onto that high quality woman you want. After finishing it, it’s really changed my perspective on life and has successfully helped me reduce my stress levels.

If you’re looking for attraction tips, try his Double Your Dating course and 77 Laws of Dating. Suffering is burning your emotional energy on things you can’t control.

I’ve personally been through nearly all of David De Angelo’s courses and products and they really do help you build a stronger core inside.

From my experience, you need both attraction and inner game to be a well rounded grounded man.

The title of this e Book, Deep Inner Game, makes it sound so intense and is quite misleading. We all think that this programming is what we were born with and is out of our control to change. Out of date and false programming can lead to a severe lack of confidence as well as dates. Should you grow enough balls to get past this stage and ask a girl out, your head then might say, ‘she is way out of your league mate,’ or even ‘give up now before you embarrass yourself completely’. For me, the deep inner game was that part of my mind which ran the outdated and incorrect programmes which built up in my head over time and which I never even noticed.