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Cartersons Ltd (formerly known as Hollywood Internet Ltd)., owns and manages a premium domain name portfolio. We’ll respond straight away to genuine looking enquiries.

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We do not hide behind fake identities, or pretend our site is run by people who do not exist We built the site to offer the facilities we as swingers wanted from other sites but could never find. :- Joining, placing your ad, browsing the other profiles, adding pictures and videos, viewing small copies of other people pictures is all 100% free.

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    Schauen Sie sich die Profile der Leute aus Ihrer Nähe an und entscheiden Sie basierend auf deren Interessen und anderen Informationen, die dort aufgeführt sind, wem Sie eine Nachricht schicken möchten.

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    I admire anyone who has the will power to beat an addiction! I was on my way there as well, and just decided myself that I should cut back. I myself, walked into the rooms of AA after a DUI 3 yrs ago, and I have not found a need to take a drink ever since. and another time catching up with old mates when he was down for his sisters wedding.... I was in shock when he did tell me all the things he did do in those 2 years... But, for right now, by the sounds of it, he needs to do this, and just concentrate on not drinking. all you can do is let him know you are supportive of him... and all i can do is keep supporting him in what he wants for himself.... and that is what he is working his a rse off for... and will make you want to support him more for doing it.... It does not mean you have to: drink by yourself, get drunk each time you drink, get DUI's, loose jobs, loose family, etc..................

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