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While it may happen more often than you might think, it never gets any less awkward. A year later and his new girlfriend was Selena, who he was with on-and-off until 2010. Ryan Phillippe Yep, it seems that there's something a bit incestuous going on within the Twilight cast.

Here are seven co-star pairings who broke all the rules and did the dirty with the same person. Lily Collins Taylor Lautner dated Lily Collins after meeting her on the set of Abduction in 2010. Before these two lovebirds broke all of our Bella and Edward hopes and dreams when they tragically split, Rob actually went on a blind date with artist Soko. On-screen sisters Nikki and Ashley were both involved with Ryan Phillippe.

It helped so much that it was like a real school experience. We would play tag, foosball, football, dodgeball and everything at lunch. We all remember it so fondly because all day we got to run around and play and do what we love.

The credit for that goes to Scott Fellows, who was our ["Ned's"] creator.

It was interesting because for at least the first few seasons of “Ned’s," I would spend a semester back in Georgia [my home state] in public middle school.