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With a large typeface and black-and-white photos, this collection is definitely less intimidating for struggling readers. Questions at the end of each story are loosely based on the text and are written for book-club discussion prompts.

High school special education teachers interested in using this book for literacy units aligned to the Common Core State Standards will have to create their own text-dependent questions.-Lindsay Klemas, JM Rapport School for Career Development, Bronx, NY╬▒(c) Copyright 2013.

The protagonist must figure out a way to approach her roommate about the situation.

Other highlights include stories about a camping trip gone awry and a bad-hair day.

Gr 8 Up-This anthology, written at a second- or third-grade reading level, is aimed at "developmentally disabled populations." It focuses on "relationships-romantic and platonic, personal and professional." In "Dirty Dishes," a woman struggles with her roommate, who is messy.