Dating staffordshire pottery

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These included Etruria marl and Old Mill marl, together with that associated with the coal seams:- Black Band , and the Middle and Lower Coal measures.

Most people have probably heard of Staffordshire Porcelain, and most vintage and antique porcelain collectors are probably familiar with the name. It is also a type of porcelain which was known as salt-glazed, or creamware porcelain, but these aren’t the only types produced there.

Real or repro Get some tips on how to tell the difference. The broadest use of the term would include all earthenware figures made circa 1740 to 1960.

Exactly why Staffordshire figures appeal to SO many people. Types All sorts of figures “ how can they be grouped? Staffordshire figures are earthenware figures made in England, mainly in the county of Staffordshire, but also in other counties and in Scotland.

Cobalt blue is an indicator of the period between 18, and was widely used.