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And we’re not talking about a cold every now and then, or even chronic pain in the area of surgery — these women experienced severe thyroid and adrenal problems multiple times a year, topped with the development of new and severe allergies. If you get implants, why don’t they warn us that these are the possibilities of what could happen to you?

After doing some research, they stumbled upon what is literally known as “breast implant illness.” Which needless to say doesn’t sound good. Let us make that decision.” Holland’s experience was similarly horrific, as her symptoms included viral rashes, chronic dental infections, and Raynaud’s disease which causes numbness and extreme sensitivity to temperature. I didn’t want to waste any more of my time or my health. I have a son who’s a toddler — I need to be around and be healthy,” Holland told .

Breast Implant Basics The FDA has found that most breast implants last around a decade before needing revision or before rupturing.

Around 85 percent of all augmentation is done using saline implants, costing the consumer about half the price of silicone gel implants.

The sexual commodification of women’s bodies is a tale as old as time, but that doesn’t make this website any less unsettling.