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The love of treehouses must be contagious because Judy gets as excited about the arboreal structures as the rest of her family does.

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This brings us to the nice, round, even number of 4500 Mya, so that mathematical convenience and geological protocol are equally served.

The beginning of the solar system is one of the most accurately measured dates in astronomy.

The difference in142Nd/144Nd between Earth and chondrites likely owes to Sm/Nd ratios 6% higher in the accessible Earth that arose within the first 30 million years following accretion. [Show full abstract]New Rb-Sr, (146,147)Sm-(142,143)Nd and Lu-Hf isotopic analyses of Mg-suite lunar crustal rocks 67667, 76335, 7728, including an internal isochron for norite 77215, were undertaken to better define the time and duration of lunar crust formation and the history of the source materials of the Mg-suite.

Isochron ages determined in this study for 77215 are: Rb-Sr=4450±270 Ma,...

Pete became excited about treehouses at age 5 when his dad built him a treefort behind the garage of their Ridgewood, NJ home.